Let’s hear it for the Youth Litter Patrol!

Throughout the summer and fall seasons, Litter Free enlists the aid of various youth clubs and organizations to clean up targeted, public areas in Juneau. If your group is thinking of a fundraiser, the Youth Litter Patrol might be a good one to consider.

This program does several things:

  • groups earn money for their fundraising projects
  • the beauty and health of Juneau is maintained
  • those picking up trash become devoted to a litter free community


  • Volunteers must be members of a youth group
  • Cleanup areas must be public areas (no private property cleanups allowed)
  • Youth volunteers are paid $12 per hour to pick up trash, up to $1,200
  • We do not schedule Youth Litter Patrol cleanups for the two weeks before and after the Juneau Community Cleanup. Thank you for your understanding.

To find out more about how to organize a cleanup, please contact:

John Hudson, Youth Litter Patrol Coordinator

Special thanks to Alaskans for Litter Prevention and Recycling (ALPAR), for their annual support which helps to make the Youth Litter Patrol program possible.