Litter Free, Inc. is a nonprofit organization formed in 1985 for the express purpose of creating a cleaner environment and encouraging recycling within the City and Borough of Juneau. Our marine environment, with its many streams, rivers, lakes and salt waterways, is very important to us. Marine litter is just as unacceptable as any other.

Through the sponsorship of an annual spring cleanup, with community-wide support, we target public and commercial common use areas. Throughout the remaining year we organize smaller cleanups using clubs or organizations to perform the labor. The clubs or organizations performing the small cleanups may receive payment for their services from Litter Free, Inc.

Along with these continuing tasks, we offer public education to all members of the community, with an emphasis on educating younger school children, to aid in developing good litter free habits and an awareness of a participation in recycling.

Financial support is sought from the City and Borough of Juneau and a variety of organizations and businesses.

We are striving for a clean and healthy environment throughout our beautiful and unique surroundings. This, being Litter Free, Inc.’s main objective, not only makes Juneau a better place to live, but provides a better capital city for all Alaskans.

( Adopted 02/15/1996 )

“The good we can do together surpasses the good we can do alone.” Ben Franklin