We are champions for litter prevention in Juneau

Litter Free, Inc. is a nonprofit that was founded to keep our community clean and healthy. To achieve our mission, we bring together local businesses, organizations, and individuals, to promote litter pick up and recycling within the City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska.

“From visiting family members, to tourists, to State Legislators, we want them to remember the capital city of Alaska as being a lovely place to visit, both for its natural beauty as well as its clean streets, beaches and public areas. We wish that when they leave, they would like to visit again someday.”

2023 Juneau Community Cleanup Results




Pounds of waste delivered to the landfill


Pounds of glass, plastics, and aluminum that went to recycling


Litter Free, Inc. has been awarded the 2023 “Litter Prevention Award” from Alaskans for Litter Prevention and Recycling! This award supports our Youth Litter Patrol program, giving Juneau’s youth groups an opportunity to fundraise for their organizations while beautifying the community they live in. Read more on ALPAR’s website.