Annual Cleanup

The 2019 community cleanup is set for Saturday, April 20. We will be detailing plans for the 2019 Cleanup at a public meeting on Wednesday, April 10, at Noon, in the Valley Library – join us and give us your feedback!


2018 Cleanup Details follow:

Bag sites were open from 8 am – 10 am, and provided bags, (yellow= trash, green = recycle aluminum, plastic, tin, NO GLASS!!!), plastic gloves, sign up sheets, wrist bands to allow entry to the Coastal Code picnic, and information on the cleanup.

Bag Sites locations included:

Douglas Library / Fire

IGA Downtown Parking Lot

Western Auto

Fred Meyer

Super Bear

Duck Creek Market

Squires Rest Auke Bay

At the bag sites we directed people to clean up anywhere they find trash on PUBLIC property – roads, sidewalks, ditches, streams, beaches, parks, trails, wetlands, etc. We are not authorized to enter private property to do cleanups, and this event is supported through a generous donation of Waste Management to accept trash, so it is not a time for people to unload their personal trash. 🙂

Litter Free worked in coordination with many groups:

Coastal Code: the Alaskan Brewery supports the Coastal Code program, whichorganized cleanup volunteers at 8:00 am at the pullout near Sunny Point just beyond the Egan Drive underpass. Coastal Code will offered free pizza, catered by Forno Rosso Pizzeria, at the Alaskan Brewery on Shaune Drive to cleanup volunteers from 11:30am-1pm only (volunteers must show their wristband) See the Coastal Code website for more information:

The Southeast Alaska Land Trust (SEAL Trust): Volunteers organized at Sunny Point (7083 Hendrickson Road) and Mendenhall Peninsula (10651 Porter Lane) starting at 8:00am. Discovery Southeast was on hand from 8:00am to 10:00am to provide drop-in activities for kids. Northstar Helicopters lifted heavy trash from the wetlands for pickup and transfer to the landfill by volunteer drivers. For more information about the Juneau Community Wetlands Cleanup, please go to:

Juneau Watershed Partnership hosted a bag site at the Duck Creek Market and provided information on how to clean, protect and preserve the many streams and rivers that flow through Juneau, providing for a strong fish habitat. See information on how you can help this effort at:

friends of Recycling volunteers were at the landfill from Noon to 4:30 pm to sort the recyclables. This is a dirty job and these volunteers got a good workout – thank you friends!!!

Litter Free coordinated the many volunteer trucks/drivers that picked up the bags and hauled them to the landfill. To help the drivers, those picking up trash must tie off full bags of trash and recyclables, and place them on a MAIN roadway in a location that will be easy for the trucks to pull over safely for pickup. Bags should be out for pickup by 2pm so that the trucks can pick them up and take the to the landfill before it closes. Check out the maps below to see the pick up routes. If you see stray bags after the cleanup, contact Laurie Sica at 907-723-0603 to coordinate a pickup.

In 1916, Mayor B.D. Stewart “announced that a cleanup campaign should be inaugurated and that the papers and citizens in general should cooperate in the matter of urging the cleaning up of the entire city.”

As you can see, we’ve been at it now for over 100 years!

Cleanup Day Photos