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Much of our litter problem comes from how we mishandle our personal household garbage on garbage pick-up day. Individuals can do much to thwart problems associated with their garbage attracting birds and animals.

Three Basic Rules

1. Do not use PLASTIC SACKS or CARDBOARD BOXES for garbage. Use standard garbage containers recommended by the refuse pick-up company.
2. Keep garbage cans WASHED OUT. Smells attract birds and other animals, including dogs and bears.
3. Make sure GARBAGE CAN LID IS SECURE. Always place cans on a flat surface. Prevent garbage from spilling out when can is tipped over by using bungee cords to hold lids in place.

Bears are attracted to garbage and pose a threat to people’s safety as well as causing a big mess. Birds, especially ravens, have no equal when it comes to spreading litter throughout the borough. Ravens are very intelligent and can figure out how to get the lid off a garbage can in a matter of seconds if it not secured properly. 

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